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You are a widow. 

Your husband was killed in the turbulent years just before, or during, the Civil War. 

It is 1866. The war is over. 

You have been told to forget what happened to your husband—your family—but you cannot. For a long time you’ve longed to confront the man who killed your husband.

A group of you have been meeting to commiserate and to compare notes. You call yourselves the Kansas Widows’ Benevolent Society, but you are anything but benevolent.

A Green and Narrow Bed

Each player plays a woman who has lost her husband to violence - often violence that predates the formal war, unsanctioned and extrajudicial murder. We meet these widows in 1866, after the horror of loss was replaced by a national horror, and in a time when the forces of culture and politics are beginning to whisper "forget."

For your widow, maybe reconciliation is in the cards. Maybe there is redemption, mercy, a chance for peace. But more likely there is bloodshed in her near future, and bitter revenge.

After a warm-up scene that establishes some details and motivations, each player and their widow will get precisely one scene, with another player as the man who killed her husband. Instructions are included for guarding player safety while engaging with themes of violence, war, loss, and revenge.


  • Players: 3-6
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Materials: Printed cards, paper & pencils
  • Optional: Tea & biscuits

What's Included?

Two PDFs: one introduction and rules summary, and one set of print-and-play cards. Print them double sided (flip on short edge) and cut them out.


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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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