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A game by Kathryn Wymer and Steve Segedy

In By Jingo! Jam Bingo! you and your fellow players are senior citizens in the small town of Sunshine. It is spring—the height of strawberry season, and in years past you all prided yourselves on homemade jam.

Things are different this year with the Covid-19 pandemic. You are each isolating in your own tiny house, and getting jam supplies is difficult due to the pandemic and your fixed income. The local senior center has started hosting Zoom events. For the next five afternoons they will be hosting Bingo, and prizes include supplies you need for jam.

Your co-players are your friends, and your goal is to make jam within five days to share so that you can participate in a virtual brunch. Each day every participant receives one Bingo card. All play Bingo until there are two winners. Any player can win one prize, but sometimes the prizes go to other seniors (non-player characters) at the senior center.

Will you make it to brunch together with your own homemade jam?  Play and find out!

This game was designed for the Tiny House Jam

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