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Fiasco is an award-winning story-telling game inspired by cinematic tales of small-time capers gone disastrously wrong.

You’ll tell a story about ordinary people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control!

Lives and reputations will be lost, painful wisdom will be gained, and if you are really lucky, you just might end up back where you started.

You probably won’t be lucky.

You'll Need:

  • 3-5 Players
  • 14+ years old
  • About 2 hours

  • You'll Get:

    • Rulebook PDF
    • Playmat PDF
    • Let's Not cards PDF
    • Engine cards & tuckbox PDF
    • 3 x playsets & tuckboxes  PDFs

    The Decks

    Fiasco comes with four 54-card decks:

    The Engine

    If you want to drive your Fiasco game like the stolen car it is, you'll need an engine, and this is it! Consists of 32 fine-tuned Outcomes (16 positive, 16 negative), 20 powerful Aftermaths, and 2 Let's Not cards.

    Dragon Slayers

    So yeah, we rode into this miserable little town, a bunch of outsiders ready to solve their problem. Solve a dragon. Well, we solved it, and here we are, ready to kick back and split up the loot and regale those bumpkins with tales of mummy rot and devilish traps and the dragon we whacked. Of course it's never that simple. Adventurers like us all have egos, and we all have a past.

    Tales from Suburbia

    It's a nice town full of nice people. Not much happens here, and that's how we like it. Or rather, lots of things happen here, things requiring antibiotics and things dusted with cocaine and occasionally, just occasionally, things spattered in blood. But we keep all that quiet, and we keep the sidewalks clean, and not much happens here, and that's how we like it.

    Poppleton Mall

    It's time to make a trip to Poppleton Mall for the best in shopping, entertainment, and dining! From Arapaho Leather Goods to T. Esquire, from the Poppleton 8 multiplex to our beautiful glass atrium, Poppleton Mall truly has something for everyone. Join us for the holidays, when Santa reigns over his throne room and the atrium rings with the sounds of merrymaking from the magical Winterland stage! Your children will always remember their visit to Poppleton Mall's Santaland.


    "Damn this Fiasco game is ingenious."  John Rogers, TV and film writer for Leverage and The Librarians

    "Fiasco is unique among RPGs because it encourages us to actively reach for that moment we all dread in most games, that moment when something truly awful is going to happen, with possibly dire results for our characters."  Wil Wheaton, Actor and Writer

    "I think, for me, there’s a kind of non-Aristotelian catharsis in that active rehearsal of everything I fear and dread and also pine for; it’s a chance to dance with Poe’s Imp of the Perverse, to give in, to make the dangerous choice—it’s the same thing release I get from the act of writing. But writing is a solitary discipline for the most part and Fiasco… Fiasco is so gloriously communal."  Kelly Sue DeConnick, Writer of Captain MarvelPretty Deadly, and Bitch Planet

    "The joy of Fiasco comes when the line between game and story blurs and suddenly you’re sitting around a table with the brilliant and wonderful souls you allow into your home and you all try to make the perfect Big Black Box. Impose logic, reason, design, over the chaotic horror of existence because in story-space, in a game-space, because here we CAN. We aren’t just allowed but it’s ENCOURAGED. Draw this map of hell, we tell ourselves. Later on we can find our way out."  Matt Fraction, Writer of Hawkeye and Sex Criminals

    "Fiasco is roleplaying stripped down to sheer elegance, to virtually zero ramp-up time. The notion of playing ambitious crooks with poor impulse control — inspired by a host of movies like Fargo or Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels — is both inspiring and immensely replayable. But the real genius of Fiasco... is that now you can enjoy it in almost any setting you like."  the 2011 Diana Jones Award Committee


    3 playsets not enough? We have Expansion Packs:

    • Feel the Rush - A dirtbag's a dirtbag, whether she is selling pills out of a restaurant kitchen or doing crimes to afford a set of GSC Stage 2 cams for her 2006 Subaru street racer. What happens when desperation meets opportunity? When we have to Go Real Fast but lack the skill and focus to keep all the wheels on the road—or the dishes on the tray—who is going to pay the price? Probably not the dirtbag responsible… Contains: In the Weeds and The Hasty and The Hateful
    • Fiasco, USA- An all-American pair of playsets designed to evoke the essence of this great nation—whether you are desperately trying to feed the 24-hour news cycle or fighting your homeowner's association tooth and nail over the color of your aluminum siding… Contains: News Channel Six and Home Invasion
    • Teen Angst- What's more fun than high school? Many things, including summer camp, but Fiasco High is a special place full of bad decisions and worse athletes, while Camp Death is, well, Camp Death. Not everyone is going to make it home alive from either… This playset includes special rules for Camp Death, including four alternate outcomes that help you identify the killer among you! Contains:  Fiasco High and  Camp Death
    • Unknown Monsters- Wedding planners and mysterious beast hunters have a lot in common—the stakes are high and one wrong turn spells disaster, usually at the hands of a hideous man-ape that smells like a skunk and flips cars for fun. Combined, a Sucker Creek wedding is going to be one for the ages! Contains: Regina's Wedding and The Beast of Sucker Creek
    • Pride & Panic- Fiasco at its most chaotic is often Fiasco at its best. Enjoy the buttoned-down tension of Regency England straight, or mix it up with one (or more!) extra flavors - time travel, the undead, or wildest of all - geese! These mini-playsets can be used with any playset deck. Contains: Folly & Fortune and 3 Mini-Playsets - Just Add Trouble: Goose, Undead & Time Travel
    • Join the Cult- These heartwarming playsets prove that intentional family is the best family! Play the beautiful and soulless, influence-obsessed occupants of Prestige House, or the self-righteous, yogurt-obsessed occupants of Rainbow Mountain. Hugs all around! Contains: Murder at the Prestige House and Rainbow Mountain
    • A Thousand Papercuts- Life’s a grind. Sometimes you punch a clock, and sometimes you get punched. Either way, the struggle is real—endless hours pushing paperwork or pushing training mats, and one final showdown with a powerful boss... Contains: Fist City and Business Casual
    • One Step Too Far- All the cool stuff happens on the edges of civilization. Inhospitable landscapes. Outlaws looking for big payoffs. That's where you find people who don't fit in anywhere else—the people headed for a fiasco! Contains: Boomtown and The Ice


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