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Sure, call it a ghost, that works. A ghost killed your dad.

The truth is that there are ultradimensional monsters that can move back and forth across dimensions to fuck with our shit. 

Why they do this we do not know, but they have done it throughout recorded history. They are angels and devils and UFOs and bigfoot. 

From our point of view it is just senseless, mendacious evil.

Now we have machines that generate ultradimensional wormholes.

Don't ask where we got the machines.

You will play someone who is working for a secret global organization dedicated to protecting our world– the prime dimension– from ultraterrestrial horrors from Dimension-X. 

The Crushers mashes up Jason's love of paranoid conspiracy, unknowable ultradimensional horrors, pseudo scientific techno babble, and the weird, open-ended style of play you experience with Basic D&D.


  • Participants: 2-4 players, plus 1 facilitator. Facilitation can rotate between missions.
  • Time: 2 hours per mission
  • Tech: If you play online, you can use this Character Keeper that Paul Beakley made
  • Tone: Variable but probably black comedy with action movie/supernatural drama overtones.
  • Content warnings: Death, violence, loss of agency, ultradimensional horror

What's Included?

  • 15 page PDF 


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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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