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For the first time, a group of underwater people are getting together to meet, share their lives, and commiserate about life out of water. 

Secret gill-men, naiads, barnacle lords, fish-women, and the people who love them all meet in their reluctantly adopted hometown far from the sea, all glad for some understanding and companionship in a dry, difficult world full of secrets and hardship. Maybe if things go well this can be a monthly thing.

You play people who really ought to live underwater but are, instead, selling real estate and wireless plans in suburban Atlanta. So you are a princess of Atlantis, or a swamp monster, or a siren, literally a fish out of water in the dry world, and the people you meet at a Day's Inn conference room once a month are solace and reminder.


  • Players: 4-10 players, including one player who facilitates
  • Time:  2 hours
  • Materials: The 44 cards, printed one sided, cut, and sorted. Adhesive name tags and a few markers. Optional: Snacks, water, and perhaps other beverages.
  • Tone: It is a ridiculous situation grounded in real emotional truths. Take it seriously as a character and enjoy the absurdity as a player.
  • Content warning: immigration, alienation, isolation, and loneliness.

What's Included?

A 30-page PDF, including facilitator instructions and character cards. 


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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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