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Bermuda, 1934.

You’ve come to this paradise to drop a two-and-a-half ton iron ball off the side of a ship and lower it almost a kilometer into the abyss. 

You’ve come to crawl inside that iron ball and go down with it, to see what there is to see down there. 

You’ve come with three other brilliant adventurers, friends, and lovers, and you’ll all get a chance to descend and risk your lives in exchange for seeing things no human being has ever seen. 

And maybe, in the inky darkness and cold silence, you’ll find a measure of happiness and fulfillment.

You’ll play the four principals in the New York Zoological Society/National Geographic Society expedition to explore the deep waters off Nonsuch Island, descending far deeper than anyone in history. The four characters form a complicated web of love, loyalty, and affection, and amid the stress and excitement of the four dives in the bathysphere you will sort out your feelings for one another and—hopefully—leave the expedition happier than you arrived. 

If you’re fond of improvisation, generating your own content, and building on that of others, Deep Love is a great game for you. No previous larp/freeform experience necessary. The downloadable PDF has everything you need to know. 

Deep Love is built around two modular parts, and can be played in three ways. If you enjoy the creative, arts and crafts aspect of going on deep ocean dives, describing wonderful creatures, and illustrating them, you can omit the characters and their drama entirely. If you enjoy the dramatic arcs of the characters but don’t have any interest in the minutia of deep ocean diving or sketching sea creatures, you can just roleplay and omit the arts and crafts stuff entirely. Or you can combine both parts into one exciting, crafty game full of pathos and love. 


  • Participants: Exactly 4
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Tags: Drama, romance, feel-good adventure, arts and crafts, semi-larp/structured freeform

What's Included?

  • 40 page PDF 


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