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When adventurers come to town, there is a simple and time-honored checklist.

1. Hide the children.

2. Get out our valuables and put them in a pile.

That’s it. That’s the checklist. Then hope they take our things and don’t go looking for our children. 

The alternative, of course, is to utter a word of protest, or to stupidly conceal our valuables, or to issue the slightest whiff of resistance. That ends, as we all know, with burning huts and piles of corpses. The adventurers will adventure all over us. It is their way. To them we are nothing but a waypoint on some map they will never show us. 

On a good day they will pass through without a word. Perhaps they will stop for refreshments and a bed for the night, paying with good coin. Such things occasionally happen. Most of our valuables fall into categories like “goats” and “bundles of unscutched flax”, in which adventurers have little interest anyway. Sometimes it all works out. 

On a bad day they will burn all our flax to make the dusk pretty, or kill our livestock for sport, or decide to stay for a while, or all these things at once. Bad days are what we expect. They are what we plan for. We can survive bad days. 

On a very bad day, well, fire and corpses. This is what we want to avoid when adventurers come to town.

The People No One Likes is a tabletop roleplaying game designed by Jason Morningstar.


  • Participants: 1-6, who share facilitation duties.
  • Time: Variable, but two hours is probably the sweet spot for a session
  • Content warnings: Fantasy misery, violence, and injustice

What's Included?

  • 6 page PDF


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Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Looks interesting! The description sounds cool but I can't really tell what players would be doing in the game. Can you give me a quick run down? Also interested in what sort of system this game uses? Thanks!


Hey thanks! You play both an adventurer and a villager, each of whom needs things that are more or less impossible to get without inconvenience and calamity to the opposite group. It's a short freeform one-shot game with a very simple set of rules that center the fundamental imbalance in power between dungeon-crawling knuckleheads and somewhat innocent villagers who just want to be left alone. Time Possum and Four Liars would be good play-alikes generally.