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As you probably know, here at the Time Institute we’ve built enormously expensive machines that generate ultradimensional wormholes and then create Einstein-Rosen bridges that allow us to exchange consciousnesses across time. We manage the destructive positive feedback loop of virtual particles circulating through a wormhole generator by sending returning particles not to their universe of origin but to a parallel dump universe we don’t care about. Since we’re operating in Minkowski space, which is inherently non-Euclidean and lacks all the generalized Riemannian geometries with intrinsic curvature, everything stays just stable enough. I mean it works, but don’t ask too many probing questions.

The downside to flavor-blasting the strands of time with virtual particles is that the consciousness’ our clients swap with belong to an extremely specific non-sapient taxon. It’s the Virginia opossum, Didelphis virginiana.

You can ask me why and I can’t tell you because we have no idea. That’s just how time travel works. If you want to send your brain back in time, a possum must be waiting on the other side. I wish it were not so, but it is definitely so.

Time Possum and Possum Time are twin, parallel two-person games.

In Time Possum, you play a brave client of the Time Institute, transferring your consciousness into the body of a possum some time in the past.

In Possum Time you play the possum whose consciousness has been kicked out, now in a human body in its own future. Just another weird day in the life of a possum.


  • Participants: Two, who take turns facilitating for each other.
  • Time: Variable. A couple of hours, or one-hour chunks over time.
  • Materials: Two six-sided dice. A way to track basic information (printed character sheets or a shared document will work). These rules.
  • Space: In-person or remote.
  • Intended Tone: Light, silly, and over the top, with room for a little seriousness or darkness if you’re into that.
  • Content warnings: Loss of agency, potential cruelty to animals, the need to improvise, high levels of silliness, the innate intensity of two-player games

What's Included?

  • 13 page PDF 


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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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